Rate Selection

Rate Selection for Zero Packet Errors 

One of the most important aspects in ensuring a controlled and predictable QoS level over the ever changing wireless medium is an optimized over-the-air rate selection scheme.

On the one hand, the scheme should maintain a low packet error rate to reduce retransmissions and increase air time efficiency, and on the other hand, choose the highest possible optimal rate to maximize throughput. All this needs to be done over a fast changing wireless medium.

The OptimizAIR™ channel aware performance engine delivers on the above described criteria. The instantaneous link budget is tracked by monitoring channel state performance metrics. These metrics in turn are fed into the rate selection algorithm that can select the optimal rate for a desired target packet error rate (PER). Predicting the exact PER enables robust scheduling with bounded delay and jitter.

The OptimizAIR™ technology continuously monitors the changing link budget and updates its rate selection decisions accordingly.