Optimized user experience

  • Robust, consistent user experience enabling multiple HD streams in the home with no new wires
  • Dramatic improvement in Wi-Fi coverage with no dead spots
  • Best interference resiliency
  • Self installation and auto configuration

 Optimized solution for service providers

  • On target carrier-grade performance
  • Support multi-room DVR application based on mesh topology
  • Handles whole-home full-trick-mode HD DVR with multiple clients
  • Reduces OPEX, improves ROI and expedites deployment scheduling and network scale up by eliminating the need for expensive truck rolls
  • State of the art interference resiliency with best in class spectral efficiency - multiple HD streams over a single 20MHz channel
  • Backward compatibility with legacy installed base of 802.11a/b/g devices (e.g., laptops) with same performance
  • Compliant with multiple commercial IPTV platforms and middleware
  • Remote management based on TR-069 and SNMP protocols

Optimized solution cost structure

  • Guaranteed HD performance using cost effective 802.11n single antenna or legacy cost-effective 802.11a/b/g client devices
  • Truly scalable point to multi point client support
  • Integrated embedded CPU and Wireless Network Processor to reduce overall BOM cost
  • CLR250 and CLR260 leverage host CPU processing and memories to minimize Bill of Materials (BOM)

Optimized chip architecture for OEMs and ODMs

  • Fully integrated Wireless Network Processor and embedded CPU reduces the required processing power and memory allocation from an external host processor
  • A variety of interfaces eliminate the need the need for software drivers integration at external host
  • CL1800 Self-Calibrating SoC enables high yield manufacturing and on target performance